I am way over-thinking this section. Do I do the rote, aft repeated introductions, or do I attempt something humorous? Truthfully, I can’t be summed in one or two paragraphs (who can, honestly?) as I am more than the roles I play in life (some of which include mother, wife, dancer, therapist, friend, daughter, yogi, pilates enthusiast and gamer).

I’m a person. With a complicated history. I look back on my life and am amazed I’m still breathing each day never mind a capable, generally stable adult. I sometimes find myself looking about the terrain that is my present day life and wonder “Who gave me license to adult?”

A better response would be to share the intention of this blog. Which is to normalize the journey of living, the triumphs of success, and personal growth and development. Meredith Grey’s therapist summed it up: “Yes, horrible things do happen. Happiness in the face of all of that… that’s not the goal. Feeling the horrible and knowing that you’re not gonna die from those feelings, that’s the goal.”