I lost my mind

Not really but I did visit the hospital for a bit. Poetry coming to a blog near you.


I used that word in an earlier post and it aptly describes how I feel during the colder months. The blues come and go but the sense of blah typically offers its 6 month lease starting in October. And then it’s fine. Just fine. I gaze back toward the summer and my heart yearns for… Continue reading Dullish

Ramblings of Woe

I think I’ve had a reasonable head through the pandemic. I’m mindful, socially distanced, and I keep an eye on the news. I remember when the pandemic first started and everyone around me was freaking out and all I could think is the panic you people are experiencing right now is how I live my… Continue reading Ramblings of Woe

Have You Forgotten Me?

No I have not forgotten. To the contrary, I’ve been actively avoiding writing. Why? Oh, you know. I just haven’t really had much to say— That’s a lie. Well, I’ve been quite busy with— Stretching it… Truly I’m not all that interesting, I was just— Scared. Yes. And wasn’t transparency the purpose of this blog?… Continue reading Have You Forgotten Me?

These are the times

Easy lull of gentle waves. All is fine. Fine is dull. Worry tussles with peace. These are the times. Habitual. If only I could clear dust from my mind. No control. October has stolen the summer shine. Resentful.

He Would be 62 Today

With the exception of this blog, I have not mentioned my dad today. Which is unusual because today is his birthday. I always post a memory on Facebook about it but I avoid FB like the plague these days so I didn’t bother. Which means I also didn’t get the few supportive words I get… Continue reading He Would be 62 Today


Today was rough. Anxiety was an 11 most of the day and I found myself overstimulated and overwhelmed to a significant degree. My sympathetic nervous system really had me believing a saber toothed tiger was at my heels all day. Enter movement. I’m a dancer, yogi, Pilates enthusiast and have been for many years as… Continue reading Intuition

Chasing the Next One?

I tend to develop an interest in something, learn as much as possible about it, how to be good at it, doggedly pursue it for a month or two and then fizzle. Currently it’s makeup and beauty. Over the summer it was Tik Tok. Previous years have included container gardening, essential oils, and bullet journaling.… Continue reading Chasing the Next One?

Current Obsession

So yeah. This is what has been taking my free time. As well as makeup tutorials because having purple hair freed me from my worries of looking too old. I couldn’t figure out how to dress comfortably for my age (read: business casual and muted) to avoid the “you’re too old for that” until one… Continue reading Current Obsession


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